Modern money language.

Confucius said: "When words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom"

Before and during Covid-19 much of the language used to describe government accounting is not really accurate. In fact, many of the descriptions attached to our public money have negative connotations and this harms our democracy and our human rights. Lets examine some of the fiscal and monetary linguistic tropes which are used regularly by politicians and media pundits.

Hunt down the money

Those who are charged with interviewing our politicians often ask - “but where will we find the money" and urgency is implied with the word 'find', a similar word would be 'hunt'. The implication is that something has been lost and we all better get busy as uncertainty lies ahead if the government cannot hunt that scarce money down. This frequent question is illogical because the UK government doesn’t have to find money - it creates the money we use because it is the monopoly issuer of our currency. What the government does have to find are real resources, and our public money not only procures and allocates